Friday 7 June 2013

OWASP is Hiring a FT Event Manager (35k USD)

Sarah Baso just posted the email below to the OWASP-leaders list which is a great move for OWASP.
    OWASP Leaders -
    We are looking for a motivated professional to take on management of OWASP Events.  

    Applications are being accepted until June 21, 2013 with interviews immediately following with a final decision made by July 5, 2013.
    How to apply: Email a cover letter and resume with your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line to
    Please help us spread the word about the position by posting to your chapter/project lists, adding to applicable job boards, or forwarding to any individuals that you think would be interested.
If you know of a good candidate, please ask them to go to and apply to

The only thing I would change is that ALL job application details (and correspondance) should be public, posted directly on the OWASP wiki.

For example at (vs the private email mode currently set-up)

This would provide maximum transparency and openness, and if the 'all process is open' expectation is set from the start, then there are no privacy of HR issues.