Tuesday 25 June 2013

CodingLab Library at Union Jacks in Chiswick

After talking about the 'Open Library' for my RaspberryPi, Arduino, BeagleBone, Pyhton, CodeClub books and materials on the Chiswick High Road with Ed (Chiswick's Union Jack manager), I'm happy to say that he embraced the idea and gave us some nice (prime-location shelf) location downstairs to hold the first batch of Library books :)

This means that if you want to learn about:
  • Scratch
  • RaspberryPI
  • Arduino
  • BeagleBone
  • Phyton
  • Linux
  • and others (OWASP, Android, Robotics)
... just pop in into Union Jack, grab a drink and take a look one of the available books:

Here are some Pictures of how it was set-up

First batch of books added to the 'Library':

The books are next to the big TV

Which is on at the back right-hand side wall:

Here is the 2nd batch of books,

... covering a wider range of topics :)

Here is me and Alex meeting up (note the bookshelf at the back)

Here is me reading the 1st edition of the MagPI:

... it is funny how although I have the pdfs of these MagPI magazines, this was the first time that I actually sat down and read a couple editions :)