Monday 23 April 2012

Leak of TeamMentor Parter Program

After the Leaking TeamMentor's Pricing model here is where the thinking at SI is in terms of TeamMentor Partners (note that this is still work in progress but I think we already nailed the key concepts)

The idea is to create a Security Innovation TeamMentor Partner Program aimed at Application Security Consultants (for example security companies providing PenTesting/Code-Review services just like the SI's team)

The terms of the program are:
  • Partner gets use of TeamMentor + SI Library for free in exchange for being a reference
    • Partner gets use of TeamMentor for delivering their assessment results to customers 
    • Partner can hyperlink into TeamMentor's SI Library articles in their assessment results
    • The results and hyperlinked articles (both SI Library and internally created) can be accessed indefinitely 
    • SI Library must NOT be made publicly available (i.e. on an TM instance with anonymous reading enabled)
    • TeamMentor with OWASP library (and Partner created content) can be provided and linked publicly
  • When delivering results, partner can grant access to their customer to the TeamMentor + SI library for 14 days
  • If Partner’s customer buys TeamMentor, Partner gets 10% referral fee as incentive 
    • Partner can become a TeamMentor reseller if they desire, with standard reseller terms and conditions (40% commision) 
  • The Parter can change and customize TeamMentor's Interface/GUI, but not to the extent where TeamMentor/SI brand are no longer present
    • If white-labeling of content is desired, a full TeamMentor License needs to be purchased
So if you look at TeamMentor's Pricing model this is basically SI saying to its Partner: ' is an 10k TeamMentor license, in exchange for your public use of it and exposure to your customers...' . Which sounds like a good win-win situation to me :)
For reference here is how TeamMentor is being sliced and sold
    0) Free. Get OWASP version for evaluation and non-commercial use (available at GitHub)
    1) Standard Sell. Pay for SI version
    2) Sell + Services. Pay for SI version + services to customize that version by selecting the exact content needed, whittling the library down to what's most relevant
    3) Sell + Extended Services. #3 + article creation/modification
So what do you think of this?

Does it make sense?

Anything that should be changed?