Wednesday 23 January 2013

Trying out SendGrid for cloud-based emailing (with nice intro video)

I need a solution to send emails (TeamCity build events, TeamMentor user’s activities, etc…),  which basically means that I need an SMTP server.

Looking around it looks like there are 4 solutions:

At the moment I’m going to give SendGrid a test drive:
  • They seem to have all the features I need
  • Their website is great (specially the homepage video (included below) that clearly explains what they do and how it works)
  • Windows Azure is natively supported (in fact that is how I first heard about SendGrid)
  • There is a good API and Documentation
  • They pricing model is good and easy to try out
It looks like SendGrid is one of those ‘cloud’ based companies that is focused in doing one major thing right (and btw, sending emails correctly and reliably is REALLY hard)

Here is SendGrid’s video:

.... I want a video like this for TeamMentor and O2!!!.... :)