Wednesday 9 January 2013

First PoC of TeamMentor integration with HubSpot

Here is a Video that shows a PoC of consuming and manipulating HubSpot user database (called Contacts) natively from inside TeamMentor:

In this example you will see:

  • A new TM Control panel based on the ThemeForest Lagu Theme which you can see a live test version here:
  • A new TM Control panel that shows two lists of users:
    • one from TeamMentor User database
    • one from HubSpot contacts
  • A TeamMentor user created from the new TM control panel 
  • A HubSpot contact created from the new TM control panel
This means that we could use HubSpot has the main TM user database, with the main user data (like username, email, active account, status and maybe even the user's password hash) coming from HubSpot