Thursday, 3 January 2013

Can you put this on a Hyperlinkable location?

"Can you Hyperlink that?" is a question that over the years I have been asking more and more.

The idea is that if information is not in an Hyperlinkable location, then it can't be easily found (or indexed or refereed to).

So instead of:

  • sending an email to somebody with a lot of good info: write a blog post about it
  • sending a spreadsheet: use google docs (or similar) to share it
  • creating goodness that will be lost: put it on Git/GitHub and use that to manage/share it

Sending by email is like sending a good idea into a massive pile of paper (which grows everyday).

These days, everytime I find myself writing a long email, I have the instinct/urge to come back here (to this blog) and rewrite that email as a blog (that way, next time I'm having a similar thread, I can go back a re-read my thoughts/ideas, and if relevant, hyperlink to it)

This type of communication can also be called: "Let's talk via our blogs"

The reality is that this type of hyperlinked threads and 'conversations' is still very hard, because we don't have good enough technology, workflows and culture.

This is of course why I really like the problems we are trying to solve with TeamMentor, since TeamMentor is Hyperlinked Security Knowledge

And don't worry about 'talking about private stuff', in 99.9% there is nothing wrong with talking/publishing that knowledge. The 'real' audience is very small audience, which dramatically reduces the impact/consequences of your words/ideas.