Saturday 29 September 2012

Test and Hack TeamMentor server with 3.2 RC5 code and SI library

Here is test server with the lastest build and SI Library (on AppHarbor's cloud)

There are tons of changes on this new 3.2 version and I've been working solidly on this release for the past 3 months. Some of the new features are REALY cool and I will try to blog about them (specially the automation/backend features provided by using the latest version of O2 FluentSharp APIs)

Please give it a test drive and see if you spot anything that should prevent us from shipping this version.

Here are the test accounts:
  • admin   :     !!tm1111
  • editor   :      !!tm2222
I also invite you to test the security of this version, and if you find any security issues or bugs, please email them to me (or add them to 

Btw, it's ok blow this version up, but try to not piss-off AppHarbor :)

To really have a go you should look at the source-code which is at (there are no libraries on that code, but these are now easy to install from the TM's control panel). On the topic of WebServices testing, you should read the great posts Arvind wrote when he worked on building a fuzzing/testing API for TeamMentor in Python:

For reference this is how I created the AppHarbor version:

1) created an application via AppHarbour web gui (called teammentor32)
2) did a git push of the TM code to the appharbor git repository that is assigned to that website/application 
3) downloaded the 8Mb zip file from the private link (TM only supports direct download from public GitHub repositories)
4) went to the TM Admin panel, dragged & dropped the zip file and installed it  (TM will unzip and recreate the server cache)
4) that's it :)

This workflow also works on Azure