Tuesday, 25 September 2012

IE's efforts to break the internet

Everytime it takes me 5 minutes to install chrome on a new VM/EC2 it reminds me how much its UI and Security settings are a case study of what not to do (and this was on IE9, so a recent version of IE).

What I don't understand is why Google Chrome team doesn't give us couple direct download options (chrome.exe, chrome.exe.txt, chrome.exe.zip), so that it is even faster/easier to start using it.

It is amazing how IE went to be the best browser (and my preferred one) to the one I very rarely use. These days you run IE9 on a server and bing and google doesn't work, WTF!!!.  I understand the security issues, and I would be happy if it started some really low privilege process, but to break the internet!!! (I wonder how many websites work under IE Protected mode).

One the best quotes I heard recently was "why does IE goes out of its way to break the Internet?" :)

The only time I use IE these days is when I test TeamMentor against it, which is just another reminder of how much it sucks.

The way I look at it, every user has an emotional relationship with the tools/websites they use. The happier they are the more forgiving to little things they are. But they will only be happy with it if that tool/website does add value and helps with what the users is trying to do