Monday 23 September 2013

OWASP Flight Booking using Amex and Project's Mini-Summit at OWASP AppSec USA 2013

I just booked my flight using the new OWASP 'Amex travel' partnership and it was a great experience

The price is quite decent (for an transatlantic flight), and since OWASP is covering this flight I'm now very motivated to really deliver and help out during the conference :)

And what makes me really happy is how this happened!

Basically Samantha Groves deservers 100% of the credit for me attending this conference (I didn't go to last year's OWASP AppSec USA), namely for finding a space for the O2 Platform at the Project's Mini-Summit that is going to happen during the conference (I'm calling it a mini-summit since the format is quite different from the previous Summits) and sorting out the budget to cover my flight expenses.

This means that Samantha is (finally) being much more proactive in her role as 'OWASP Project Manager' and is starting to push the OWASP Project leaders to be involved and to participate (which is what I've been asking her to do for a while, and she is finally doing it :)  )

So Thanks Samantha, and please keep up the pressure for getting OWASP project leaders together, and to expose the OWASP community to the great stuff that is happening at these OWASP Projects:

  • OWASP AppSensor , 
  • OWASP Code Review Guide , 
  • OWASP Development Guide , 
  • OWASP Training and OWASP Academies (from OWASP Education Project )
  • OWASP Enterprise Security API , 
  • OWASP O2 Project , 
  • OWASP Open SAMM , 
  • OWASP Security Principles Project , 
  • OWASP Testing Guide , 
  • OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)