Friday 16 August 2013

Util - Quick Hex File Viewer.exe

When I was creating the Generating Fuzzing Images and trying them on WebBrowser (IE)  and Install Debugging Tools for Windows as a Standalone Component scripts I needed a simple and fast HEX viewer.

Since I didn’t had one at hand, I quickly wrote an O2 Script that uses a C# ListView to show binary data (see source code below)

Here is the link to the Stand-Alone tool: Util - Quick Hex File Viewer v1.0.exe

Which looks like this when executed:


… like this after a binary file is dropped inside it:


… and like this after a text file is dropped inside it:


Here is the script that creates this tool:
(also included in the O2.Platform.Scripts repository as Util - Quick Hex File Viewer v1.0.h2)

Finally here is the moment I uploaded the packaged stand-alone exe to dropbox (which is the location of the direct link to this tool)