Friday 1 October 2010

Update on O2 Subscription Model

Following the feedback received when I pushed the first version of the O2 Subscription model , I've made a number of changes which should be a better fit for the community and target user base.

As before, there are 3 Subscription levels, but this time around there is much bigger focus on the creation and support of an customized version of O2 for each subscriber (and based on the comments made I removed the OWASP-related options)

Here is a table that represents the new model:

Currently there are 3 companies subscribed and I'm working with them on their custom version of O2.

For more details see this  O2 - Commercial Services presentation or visit the O2 Subscriptions page at the O2 Website
Important note: this is NOT a service provided by OWASP and the OWASP foundation has no direct involvement or responsibility in the delivery or fulfillment of these subscriptions