Wednesday 20 October 2010

(Can you help?) Updated CV and looking for 3-day-a-week Job

After 10 months of self funding O2 development, and although I have have solved the major technological and business-model problems with O2, the reality is that I still not able to generate enough revenue from the O2 Subscriptions, Pledges or Training services to financially support me (and the development resources I need to hire for O2).

This means that I will have to go to Plan B, which is to (ideally) get a '3 day a week' / '12 days a month' contract/job. This should give me enough cash-flow to spend the rest of the time on O2 (and servicing its subscription's clients).

I've just updated my CV at LinkedIn ( and there is also an PDF version available here)

So if you are interested in hiring my services or know somebody who is, please get in touch at (dinis @

Thanks for the help