Thursday 14 October 2010

Tool - Using OpenPgp to Encrypt or Decrypt.h2

I just published a new O2 script/gui that solves a long problem/pain that I had for a long, long time: the quick and easy PGPing of texts and files.

This O2 Tool (i.e. script) is already pushed to the SVN (available if you have the latest ClickOnce version) and has the  following features:
  • create PGP Keys
  • store PGP configuration on xml files (which are easy to move around
  • GUI to encrypt Text
  • GUI to decrypt Text
  • GUI to encrypt and decrypt Files
  • Supports workflow where the PassPhase is kept private and the Public + Private keys are sent unencrypted to the client
You can read more about it (including detaild screenshots) at the O2 Platform WIKI:

Here is the YouTube Video (created with the new O2 Video creator tool which helps me to quicklly create this type of videos)

And here are a couple screenshots