Friday 22 October 2010

New (Temp) O2 GUI based on my own version of O2

If you open O2 today and do the requested update (which should happen either on the first run or 2nd (depending if you are executing a script directly of if you are clicking on the "OWASP O2 Platform (ClickOnce version)" desktop/start-menu link)) , you should see this new GUI:

The reason I'm pushing this to be the main O2 GUI for now, is because I think it is a a better representation of O2 than the current v1.4 GUI (and I use this GUI every day, so it's starting to be quite solid :)  ).

The v1.5 of O2 is still under development and will be based on TiddlyWiki which is an awesome 1-page Wiki engine. You can see it in action if you click on the 'v1.5 GUI (TiddlyWiki based)' button of the 'Custom O2s' Tab, and it currently looks like this: