Monday 18 October 2010

OWASP WebScarab - Custom O2

The latest version of the O2 Platform  has support for OWASP's WebScarb via a Custom O2 GUI that exposes a number of WebScarab's funcionality and allows its easy scripting and automation.

Here are the main features:
  • Install and uninstall WebScarab
  • Multiple Gui Automations
    • Switch Interface Modes (from "Advanced -> Lite" and "Lite->Advanced")
    • Save current Conversations
    • Load previously saved Conversations
  • IE Automation via dynamically compiled O2 Scripts (allowing the workflow where a dynamic script is executed by IE and the traffic captured by WebScarab)
  • Load and filter saved convertations
    • as a SQL-like dynamic query - and then using an GUI that allows the real-time execution of .NET LINQ Queries)
    • as O2Findings (via a special WebScarab->O2Findings converter)  - and then using O2 powerful Findings Filtering capabilities
For more details about this Custom O2 Tool/Script see: