Friday, 4 June 2010, and

I'm the process of setting up the website and so far it seems that Drupal is a good fit for what I need (using a image which was very easy to setup). Btw, any good Drupal power-users out there that can give a hand in building this? So far I've managed to install a new theme and configure it to use OpenID :)

Why Drupal? Well, now that I am in full swing on the efforts to build a community around O2 (from core developers, to users, to clients), I needed to find a web technology which provided strong social-network/community features, such as: Blogs, Forums, Voting/Rating, CMS and even (eventually) an e-commerce engine.

On the other hand, there is also a need to create solid documentation and books around the O2 Platform (which I think the MediaWiki is a much better medium)

Add to the mix the O2 Platform pages at the OWASP website, and we have some mapping to do here :)

So, how are all this different websites going to work together?

My plan is that by having different focus for each one, it will make sense:

* the Drupal-based www.try-o2com website (I also have the domain) will be focused on the community that is trying to 'use O2' (this is where all the 'social-tools' will be hosted)
* the MediaWiki based website will be focused on the core O2 developers (i.e. the ones that are customising or creating APIs). This is where the detailed technical documentation will exist and where (eventually) O2 books will be made from (this tight editorial control will also make sense due to more-and-more support/capability that O2 will have for consuming data from this website (from vulnerability rules, documentation and C# scripts))
* the MediaWiki based O2 pages at the OWASP website will be focused in presenting the most mature O2 modules and also on making the connection with the multiple OWASP projects O2 will be integrated with.

One interesting question is: Why 2 MediaWiki websites.

Well, in addition to the fact that I can be much more experimental with the MediaWiki that I can/should with the OWASP's MediaWiki engine (for example in trying extensions and themes), there is also some content that I want to
create/maintain that will be hard to do at OWASP (for example, providing technical details about the multiple 3rd party Commercial Tools that exist and how they integrate with O2).

Also, the discussion of how to handle Commercial services around OWASP tools/projects is still in a very early stage, and there are no clear guidelines on how to present/maintain this 'commercial' information in a way that is compatible with OWASP's mission, values and culture.