Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The beginning of O2's Documentation

(ss emailed to the O2 Platform mailing list)

After a week of solid O2 use (and a bunch of new features), I am finally staring to document how O2 works and its main features

One of the many web APIs now supported by O2 is the MediaWiki engine, so I have been using it on the http://o2platform.com website to create O2 documentation (for example the 'O2-Sceenshot-to-Clipboard-Tool + Paste + Auto-Upload-to-MediaWiki' workflow is really powerful and explains why there are so many images/screenshots in there :) ).  

From http://o2platform.com home page, here are the main links to O2's documentation:


Last friday I did an O2 presentation at the OWASP London Training Event and there was great reaction from the attendees (I also was able for the first time to do my presentation mainly using previously created scripts and videos, most executed from Paulo Coimbra's laptop (which is a great sign of O2's maturity :) ))

There is a fresh new version of O2 at the web based O2 Installer, so give it a test-drive and post here your feedback.