Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New technology needs to be faster and more convenient

Part of the reason why I don't blog more ofter is because I find the current workflow hard and non practical.

From the moment I have an idea on a blog post, I have to:
* Open a browser
* Go to my blog (& remember the address)
* Enter my credentials
* Select the option to write a new blog post
* start writing the post
* deal with blogger UI (which sucks)
* post it
* click again to view it
* (in most cases) realise that the fonts/spacing are all wrong and edit the post
* grab the link to the post
* go to the 'edit posts' page on Blogger, select the recently posted blog entry, and when it loads copy the title (since the Theme that I currently use shows the Blog title as an image)
* open twitter, paste the title, paste the link to the blog post (if too big, first pass via

huff... no wonder I don't blog more offten.

In addition to the number of steps there is another problem which is that the time that it takes for me to start writing the blog is too long (i.e. by the time I get ready to write it the mojo is gone).

I'm now trying something else.

Using my new IPad (Yes I'm trying to find reasons to justify the purchase :) ), I just installed the BlogPress App and am writing this blog post using it.

My first reactions:

* it is much faster to go from blog idea to blog post
* I have a IPad keyboard so I am writing as fast as I do on a computer
* I really like the setup, the size of the IPad looks like the perfect length for a blog post and I like the 'undivided attention' that it forces me
* I also like the 'proof reading' mode where I use the touch screen to follow my reading and to quickly make changes
* I like not having to deal with Blogger HTML formatting and messy UI
* all I need is to find a way to tweet about this blog entry and I'm done :)
--> Correction: Before I wrote this post I added my twitter account details to it, and after I posted this, BlogPress automatically created a address and posted a tweet with the title+address on my tweeter account :) Very nicccccceeeeeeee :)

So what is the moral of the story here?

New technology (like the OWASP O2 Platform) regardless of its potential future impact and benefit, if it doesn't add immediate value to the user and makes him/her faster and more efficient from the day one, it will struggle to be adopted.

This means that:

"It must be faster to 'do it' using the new tool for the first time than it takes to 'do it' manually"

Only then will the user take the risk in trying something new

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