Thursday, 3 June 2010

O2 Services: Online Training, Remote Support, Custom development

A key component of the 'O2 Platform Commercial Business Model' is the provision and delivery of commercial services to clients who are using (or planning to use) the O2 Platform.

Two days ago I started this process by launching a couple O2 related training courses (see Forthcoming Commercial O2 Training Courses in London blog entry)

Today I'm launching the 'Online Training, Remote Support, Custom development' services for the O2 Platform:

Here is the Wiki page with service's description Online Training, Remote Support, Custom development and here is the EventBrite page containing the current pricing structure

In the short-term these services will provided and delivered by me.

In the medium-term, the plan is to build a network of security companies and consultants that provide these services (whereby I'm only involved in selected O2 engagements, most likely as a consultant for those 'O2 Enabled' companies)

Note that these services have nothing to do with OWASP and the OWASP Foundation.