Monday 24 October 2016

Code Confidence Index

Most teams don't have confidence in their own code, in the code that they use, in the third parties, or the soup of dependencies that they have on the application. This is a problem, because the less confidence you have in your code, the less likely you are to want to make changes to that code. The more you hesitate to touch it, the slower your changes, your re-factoring, and your securing of the code will be.

To address this issue, we need to find ways to measure the confidence of code, in a kind of Code Confidence Index (COI).

If we can identify the factors that allow us to measure code confidence, we would be able to see which teams are confident in their own or other code, and which teams aren't.

Ultimately, the logic should be that the teams with high levels of Code Confidence are the teams who make will be making better software. Their re-factoring is better, and they ship faster.

(from SecDevOps Risk Workflow book, please provide feedback as an GitHub issue)