Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Intro to O2 Plartform

(here is an intro to the O2 Platform email that I wrote, which was bouncing of the recipient email's server due to '554 rejected due to spam URL in content')

The O2 Platform is all about automating and scripting. It's a platform/framework which means that it helps to have a 'hard question' to start with.

Here are a good place to start with the O2 Platform:
The O2 Platform come out from OunceLabs (now AppScan Source) where I was working as a researcher and had the task to process and visualise thousands of Static Analysis results (i.e. traces). Eventually it evolved into a toolkit to quickly develop security tools and security tests (to be integrated into an CI pipeline)

From a pentest/security-review, the idea is to deliver findings (and knowledge) as scripts/automation (instead of an PDF)

On related topic, you might also be interested in what I'm doing these days:
I guess the best place to start is if you can expand on your scripting needs, that way I can reply with info on how O2 can help to solve it