Sunday 20 March 2016

"New Era of Software with modern Application Security" presentation (v1.0)

This is the final slide deck of the "New Era of Software with modern Application Security" presentation I delivered at Codemotion Rome, which was a developer-focused conference (with 2000 tickets sold).

Description: "This presentation will start with an overview of the current state of Application Insecurity (with practical examples). This will make the attendees think twice about what is about to happen to their applications. The solution is to leverage a new generation of application security thinking such as: TDD, Docker, Test Automation, Static Analysis, cleaver Fuzzing, JIRA Risk workflows, Kanban, micro web services visualization, and ELK. These practices will not only make applications/software more secure/resilient, but it allow them to be developed in a much more efficient, cheaper and productive"
The key idea that I defend is that we can use Application Security to define and measure Software Quality

The slide deck was designed to provide easy reading and strong background material for the concepts presented , which is why it has 233 slides :)