Sunday, 10 January 2016

Published update to my Practical Jni4Net book

You can get the latest version from

Here is the email I send to my readers:
    Hi, thanks for being reader of my Practical Jni4Net book. I just released a new version which contains a good number of fixes and significant content refactoring.

    I hope you enjoy it, and please don't hesitate to contact me at or via the GitHub repo that contains all content (

    Here is the updated table of contents:

      Leanpub book, originally based on Blog posts
      An open book, freely available at GitHub
      Change log      

      1. November 2012
        C# REPL a java process (ZAP Proxy)
        Controlling OWASP ZAP remotely (via Java BeanShell REPL in .Net)
        Writing and Invoking O2 Methods from Java and Eclipse

      2. March 2013
        Invoking an OWASP AppSensor Java method from .NET C# REPL (using Jni4Net)
        Invoking Java BeanShell from .Net CLR
        Loading OWASP ESAPI jar and its dependencies
        Getting list of Jars loaded in SystemClassLoader
        Java BeanShell REPL v1.0.exe

      3. May 2013
        First execution of ESAPI.jar Encoder methods from O2’s C# REPL

      4. June 2013
        Another step in the use of ESAPI and AppSensor Jars from .Net/C

      5. August 2013
        Consuming a forked version of Jni4Net
        Compiling Jni4Net from Source
        Fixing the ‘Attempted to read or write protected memory’ issue

    This version has 98 pages

    Dinis Cruz