Monday 7 April 2014

Published Beta version of "Practical O2 Platform Tools" eBook

After releasing the "Practical AngularJS",  Practical Git and GitHub,  Practical Jni4Net and Practical Eclipse books, here is an equivalent book containing the O2 Platform Tools related blog posts.

This new eBook has 113 pages and is made of 23 blog posts published in the last couple years.

The posts are grouped by topic and represent a number of mini-tools created by the O2 Platform

This eBook is available at

You can download it for free, or you can also chose to pay a little bit (which would be great, since that would help with production, design, editing and layout costs).

Note: the book editing workflow is based on Git and this GitHub Repository

There are lots of 'O2 Platform Tools' that I have already created but are missing from this book, so expect a number of updates in the following weeks :)

Book's Blog posts

For reference here is the table of contents for the Practical O2 Platform Tools book :