Thursday 20 March 2014

Somebody doesn't like me at /r/netsec sub-reddit (updated with moderator's feedback)

UPDATE: this is most likely a misunderstanding from my part, and lack of coffee in the morning (see reddit moderator image at the end of the post):

Again I had a link (this one) removed from which is very weird.

In most (sub)reddits what happens is that the links I (and others) post are given a couple hours to get up-votes and comments. If they don't they get relegated to the archives (i.e. not on the first couple pages) and forever forgotten (which is how it should be).

But /r/netsec is the only one that I actually see the posts 'disappear' from both Hot and New pages, which means that there is somebody out there that probably doesn't like me and is actively blocking those posts.

This is a shame since it should be the community that decides what is interesting and valuable, and in this case the XStream/XmlDecoder/REST issues deserve to be known and fixed.

Here is the note I just sent to the /r/netsec editors in the hope that one of them will be able to explain me what is going on:

UPDATE: just received the following feedback at the reddit inbox, which seems fair and I guess the ball is now on my court to submit more links outside my blog :)