Friday 23 March 2012

O2 and REPL

One of the (many) great concepts that Dennis Groves introduced me to was: REPL

He said: "Wow, O2 is just a great REPL engine for C# and Security Analysis"

I was like Rewhaaattt????

It turns out that the O2 Scripting environment is actually something called REPL which stands for: Read - Eval  - Print - Loop (see for more details).

And he is correct, the core of O2 is its ability to easily allow this loop to occur (for more details see these blog posts).

Note that I current write O2 in O2's REPL environment, because in comparison, the normal Visual Studio compilation process is SOOOOOOO painful (Usually I use O2's own development environment (IDE), but  recently I created a VisualStudio AddIn for O2, so now I get the best of both worlds)

Some references on REPL: