Thursday, 25 November 2010

Starting an OWASP Chapter

Last week, while I was at the OWASP AppSec Brazil, it was decided to break the existing OWASP Brazil chapter into 5 new chapters (each focused on a Brazilian city).

This is something that should happen more often, since we have a very low 'barrier of entry' for the creation of OWASP Chapters (usually all we need is one local person that is motivated to do it).

So here is what you can do if you don't have a local active chapter in your area and want to create one (in the case of an inactive local chapter, then you should be joining the leadership of the existing chapter (note that each chapter should have at least 3 leaders, until there is a need to have elections)):

  • Start by reading the info here: , specially the Chapter Leader Handbook:
  • Get an Wiki account on
  • If you want, once you have that Wiki account you can create create the Wiki page for your chapter (if you don't, Kate will create this for you)
  • Email Kate with your request
  • Start planning your first meeting and creating a target list for the people you want to invite once you have your mailing list in place
  • Eventually Kate will create your Chapter mailing list, create/update the WIKI page, and add the new chapter to the list of OWASP Chapters (note that this might take a couple of days, depending on how busy Kate it)
  • Once you have your new chapter mailing list, you will be automatically subscribed to the owasp-leaders list and it is usually a good idea to write a little intro about you and what are your plans/ideas for your chapter

That's it.