Wednesday 3 May 2017

Summit Working Sessions with NO organizer (please help)

(here is the email I just sent to all registered Owasp Summit 2017 participants which also applies to you (reader of my blog) :)  . Please take a good look at those 37 'Working Sessions with no organizer' and pick one to help) 

Hi Owasp Summit Participants (onsite and remote)

As you can see by the latest list of 76 Working Sessions, we have a quite a good number of very interesting/important topics to collaborate/work at the Summit (with more sessions being added daily).

We have grouped them into the following tracks and technologies:

But, one problem we currently have is that 37 of these Working Sessions do not currently have an organiser!

You can see the full list here or at the image included at the end of this email.

The Summit is an event where its participants take an active role in the sessions, so my request to you is: please sign up as one of the organizers for these sessions 

Note that you don't have to be the world's expert in that field in order to be one of the organizers!!! You just need a bit of time, energy and focus (this could even be a great way to improve your career and engage directly with Working Session's participants).

The main task is for you to improve the Working Session's description, focus, outcomes and participant's registration 

If you need help, the recipients of this email (the participants are BCCed) are our current 6 Summit Editors (Akshay, Bjoern, Devesh, Felipe, Mateo and Nikita) which will be more than happy to help you. You can also reach out to the Summit's Slack Channel where there is always somebody at hand to help.

Let's raise the quality and impact of these Working Sessions!

Thanks for your help

Dinis Cruz

PS: there is still time to add more Working Sessions, so if you feel that there is an topic missing from the current list, please send a Pull Request with your idea(s) or email them to one of the Summit Editors