Friday 19 May 2017

First Summit Schedule and Working Sessions Registration

(email sent to all Owasp Summit Participants)

Summit Participants, now that we have a first pass at the Summit Schedule, we really need you to update your Participant page with the Working Sessions that you want to be involved in.

Here are the individual Track's schedule

Here is the consolidated Summit Schedule

What is also really useful, is that after you add those Working Sessions mappings, you will be able to see your personalized schedule on your to your Participant's page.

For example see:
One thing you will notice, is that in some Tracks, there are Working Sessions that are currently NOT on the schedule. For example in DevSecOps .

If you are really interested in one of the Working Sessions currently not on the schedule (for example due to its lack of content or organizer), then please become an organizer of that Working Session, and improve its content.

You can can also look at the Summit Participant's Contacts, and invite who you really want to be at an Working Sessions.

On average, most Working sessions will last about 1.5h, so for now, the rule-of-thumb is for you to commit to participating (or organizing) a maximum of 4 Working Sessions per day (excluding the Evening Sessions)

If you need help, please contact of the Summit Editors (CCed) with your request (btw, it is ok to send your changes and ideas by email, since GitHub can be quite a challenge for new users)

Due to the number of Working Sessions that will be running at a given time, and the Participant's desires be involved in a number of Working Sessions, it is inevitable that there will be some schedule clashes. We will do the upmost to fix those schedule clashes, BUT we can't do anything, if you have not indicated which Working Sessions you want to be involved in.

So please add those mappings and help to decide which Working Sessions will happen at the Summit.


Dinis Cruz