Thursday 4 May 2017

39 Working Sessions with no organizers, two new Gold Sponsors (CapitalOne and PhotoBox)

Thanks for the Owasp Summit Participants that added themselves as an organiser to 6 Working Sessions.

It's a great start, but, we need more :)

In fact we now have 39 Working Sessions that need organisers (two more than yesterday), because we added the following 8 new Working sessions (most with no organiser and very little content)

I hope you will also see how the current Working Sessions creation is still in a state of fluidity, and there is still time to add topics that you are passionate about (btw, anybody has a good contact at Netflix? It would be great to have them participating on those two Working Sessions)

Remember that you don't need to be an expert on these topics, you just need (a bit of) time, energy and focus.

On related Summit news, I'm very happy to say that Capital One and PhotoBox have become Gold Sponsors by buying 6 and 12 tickets for the Summit (their plan is to bring a group of their security professionals and developers to participate in Working Sessions related to their day-jobs). Note that there is a 10% discount for 5 to 9 Tickets and 20% discount for 10+ tickets (please contact Francois if you want to book a group)

Thanks your help