Tuesday 11 March 2014

Thank you message send to all readers of the "Practical AngularJS" book

After publishing the Beta version of "Practical AngularJS" Book (in both digital and print format) I was very pleasantly surprised by:
    a) the number of readers who got the book for free
    b) the number of buyers  
    c) the general positive kudos of the reddit threads that I started about the book

Using the Leanpub system available on https://leanpub.com/Practical_AngularJS there were 567 downloads/registrations and 24 purchases (which is a really great, if we take into account that the book is still in a early beta format, and they 'choose to buy', since there was the option available to get it for free).

Here is the text of the 'new version update' message that was sent to all readers:
Hi, Thanks a LOT for becoming one of the first 657 readers of this book. I really appreciate your support, and I hope that the experiences and ideas documented will help you in your 'AngularJS Adventures'. 
As you probably noticed by now, LeanPub is a different type of model for publishing books, where beta/pre-release versions are made available as soon as they are ready. The idea is that updates are released often, with the readers providing (as much as possible) feedback and suggestions of what should also be covered. 
With that in mind, here is my first update :) I made a number of fixes and reordered the posts (hopefully the current order will make more sense). 
If you want to provide feedback, please feel free to to use the LeanPub forum at https://leanpub.com/Practical_AngularJS/feedback or email me directly at dinis.cruz@owasp.org 
For reference here is the new revised structure: 
1 Introduction
   Notes about current structure
   About the Author
   Change log: 
2 Using AngularJS
   A really SIMPLE and clean AngularJS+Firebase example
   Using AngularJS in Eclipse, Part 1) The Basics
   Using AngularJS in Eclipse, Part 2) Add Some Control
   Using AngularJS in Eclipse, Part 3) Wire up a Backend
   Using AngularJS in Eclipse, Part 4) Create Components
   AngularJS code editor using UI-Bootstrap and CodeMirror (done without using jQuery)  
3 KarmaJS
   A small AngularJS Jasmine test executed by KarmaJS
   Creating an Eclipse UI to run AngularJS e2e tests using Karma
   Running KarmaJS’s AngularJS example test/e2e/angular-scenario (on Chrome)  
4 Firebase
   First PoC of sending TeamMentor’s server-side request URLS to Firebase (and seeing it in realtime
in an AngularJS page)
   Trying out Firebase (Beta) hosting solution and good example of Firebase Security rules  
5 Misc Tricks
   Programatically changing an AngularJS scope variable and adding Firebug Lite to an AngularJs app 114
   Hubspot current.js code includes JQuery on it
   Submitting TM users to HubSpot via TBOT interface (using Angular JS)  
6 IDEs  
   Eclipse Groovy REPL script to sync a Browser with file changes (with recursive folder search via Java’s WatchService)      
   Eclipse Groovy script to remove the ‘busy’ image from the WebBrowser Editor
   Using Chrome inside a native VisualStudio pane (using Window Handle Hijacking)
   Using WebStorm with Chrome and ChromeDriver (to view KarmaJS execution results)
   When the best way to automate Chrome is to use … Chrome (with examples on Google search, direct AngularJS scope manipulation and ChromeDriver javascript access)