Sunday 9 March 2014

Published Beta version of "Practical AngularJS" Book (in both digital and print format)

I just released a book based on the 23 AngularJS posts currently published in this blog (as a public beta).

The article's Html was converted by LeanPub into Markdown, who also created the eBook versions linked below (pdf, mobi, epub and online). The printed version was created at lulu.

At the moment the book can be downloaded for free and the book has a small markup (you can also chose to pay for the digital version).

Please take a look and let me know what you think of the structure, font, layout, order, content, voice, idea, etc...

Here are the links to the multiple places you can get the book:
  • eBook (PDF, EPub or MOBI) at Leanpub (I've set the minimum price to zero so you can download it for free)
  • Printed book (Paperback, 163 pages) at 
  • Online : LeanPub also publishes the entire book available in one long HTML page (note that there are LOTS of images to load in this page)

For reference here is the table of contents:

How to download a free version from Leanpub

Open the page and click on the green Buy Now button

The next page allows you to 'Name Your Price':

... which if you want to download for Free you can set to zero (but there is nothing stoping you from paying a bit for it :) )

Next enter your email (a fake email will also work)

... and download the digital version that you want to use (pdf, epub or Kindle)

Printed book

Since I'm a big fan of printed books, I also used lulu to create 'real' version of this book:

This book has a small markup from the lulu printed cost, and it is currently set at £10.

I've ordered a copy which should arrive in the next couple days, hopefully others will do the same :)