Monday 3 February 2014

Just Signed up for Flattr, what do you think of it?

While reading the Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT) - Tutorial I noticed a link to which is a micro-payment solution for consumers of content to support the content creators.

Here is more info about Flattr:
Here are the steps I took to register:

1) on the homepage, I went into the Sign up page, and selected the Sign up with Twitter option

2) I was redirected to Twitter to authorise Flattr, and I was pleasantly surprised that Flattr did a good job, and was only asking for the permissions I would be willing to give them (i.e. I only want then to use Twitter to authenticate me and not to write tweets on my behalf)

3) Back in Flattr I filled in the rest of the details (like my email and website link)

4) This completed the account creation process (which was a pretty smooth)

5) Next step was to understand how it works, and add my first support item:

 6) Good Diagram on how it works:

7) Connecting with these services makes it easier to use them to support the content creators:

8) For example, here is how the Flattr GitHub authorisation page looks like:

 9) Back in Flattr it was time to chose the monthly amount that will be available to the be distributed to the content creators I chose to support (during that month (I think))

10) In this case I chose the 10 Euros option

11) Flattr gently suggests to pre-pay two months in advance (which is fair enough, and surely helps them with a bit more cash flow):

12) The paypal process was again very smooth (and important note here to say that not having the PayPal option was a deal break-breaker for me, since I would not be very happy to give Flattr my Credit Card details)

13) And that's was it, account created, funds deposited and all set to start using it:

14) Since it was there, and was easy to use, I also twitted about starting to use this service:

15) Going back full circle to where I started, I went back to the Vogella's article on Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT) - Tutorial,  and clicked on the Flattr link:

16) which took me to this page:

17) where I was able to click on the little green Flattr button, which changed to orange, reflecting the fact that I was now Flattering the Vogella guys:

18) Here is me, together with all the other supporters :)

19) The Flattr dashboard can also be used to see the list of current Flattrs:

Overall this was quite a really smooth process and I really hope that Flattr is very successful at helping content creators to fund their activities (since that will allow them to spend more time 'creating').

So what do you think of Flattr? 

Are you using it? 

And if so, what/who are you supporting?

Update: See Just added Flattr to this blog (I wonder how much Flattrs I will get?) for how I set it up on this blog (and some comments on how it feels much different than AdSense)