Monday 3 February 2014

Just added Flattr to this blog (I wonder how much Flattrs I will get?)

After Just Signed up for Flattr, what do you think of it? I decided to give it a try in this blog, since after all I'm also a content creator (and have recently reached my 1000 blog post).

What is interesting is that adding Flattr to this blog feels better than when I tried using Google AdSense (see Just disabled AdSense for this blog).

I guess the difference is that by adding AdSense to my blog I was exploiting my readers and benefiting from the 'getting out of control' ad industry (whose business model is to monitor and spy on everybody).

While by using Flattr I basically asking my readers to support me (if they like a particular blog post or content).

I also fell that it is a better relationship with the readers, since AdSense kinda pushes for the 'blockbuster post' with as much traffic as possible, where Flattr will (I hope) reward good and solid content, that added value to the reader, and that the reader liked enough to want to support it (lets see what happens :)  ).

For reference here is how I added Flattr to this blog:

1) I went to the Flattr dashboard and clicked on the guide for creators link

2) In that page I clicked on the Embedded button for your own web page link:

3) I used the default values:

4) Copied the code sample provided:

5) went to Blogger's Layout page, and clicked on Add a gadget

6) Choose the HTML/JavaScript option (which could also be called XSS/ClickJacking option :)  )

7) pasted the Flattr code:

8) Here is what the button looked like in Blogger's Preview mode:

9) Here it is after it was published:

10) One detail that is not working correctly, is the page's title on the Flattr button (see below the <untitled> text)

 11) Which also happens when clicking on the button with the number:

I'm not sure how to fix this, so I'll ping the Flattr guys and see what they have to say.