Saturday, 25 May 2013

Creating website using GitHub Pages (with screenshots of all design options)

In order to set-up a site for the domain, I just used GitHub Pages to create and publish a brand new site.

This is what it looks like:

What do you think? 

Please see below the other design options and let me know if I made a mistake. Also if you want help in editing this site, ping me with your GitHub account, and I'll give you push access (or fork the repo and send me  pull requests)

Here is how I created it:

I went to the repo, and on the settings page, I clicked on the Automatic Page Generator
which opened up this page, where I added the content that is current on this blog's O2 Platform page:

When finished I clicked on Continue to Layouts

And I checkout the multiple design options:



Time Machine:


Leap Day:






  And finally Dinky

which was my preferred choice , so I clicked on Publish, and here it is in action (using the default domain provided by GitHub) 

Next step was to set up custom domain, which is explained here:

and is basically a case of creating new file:

Called CNAME, with the contents of the domain

After saving it (and local cache flushed), the GitHub pages now point to