Monday 25 June 2012

O2 Platform AppScan Standard Plugin (first version)

Using AppScan Standard SDK here is a simple Plug-in that adds O2 Platform's Log Viewer and C# REPL environment to this AppScan menu.

These O2 modules will execute under the same AppDomain as AppScan, and will have script access to the main AppScan Window (and all of its internal engine)

For some reason we couldn't use the technique to inject O2 into another process but this plugin as the advantage that is more solid, while still providing us with complete control over the AppScan UI and process (note this version just loads up the C# REPL environment and none of the O2.Platform.Scripts are available (which is easier to access once we have this loaded))

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Here is a Pdf document that shows how this Plug-In was created: