Monday 25 June 2012

New page on 'Real-Time Vulnerability Feedback in VisualStudio'

If you read this blog online you will notice that there is a new page at the top called Real-Time Vulnerability Feedback in VisualStudio which consolidates the latest info and PoCs on this topic.

I think I might have hit a nerve with this PoC/Concept, since there has definitely been a spike in the traffic and interrest in the O2 Platform.

My strategy for O2 has always been to keep developing, improving and creating PoCs with what it can do. It is up to the community to pick it up and organically use it (or not).

Although this means that O2 usage and market penetration is slower, it also means that its progress is much more solid and scalable (i.e. O2 is a much better product today that it was 1 year ago)

So let's see what happens next, the PoC of providing Real Time Vulnerability Feedback inside an IDE is showing what the development environment should be like, and hopefully there will be enough momentum created by developers, clients and tool vendors to make this a reality :)

I'm doing my bit .... (... to change the way software is developed and make it more secure...)