Thursday 7 June 2012

3 pdfs on how I added Roslyn support to the O2 Platform (lots of Roslyn Script examples)

As you saw on Video: Real time Vulnerability Scanning using Cat.Net and Roslyn (SAST) and Video: Using O2's Roslyn-based C# REPL Script environment I was able to add a good number of Roslyn capabilities to O2.

In order to document how I did it, I created 3 documents (in a 'write text + paste screenshot + write more test + paste another screenshot' workflow) which I was able to convert into PDF, host on a DropBox folder and use Google online Pdf Viewer to embed it into this blog post.

So here they are:

1) Using Roslyn (first tests).pdf

2) Using Roslyn (Creating an Roslyn API)

3) Using Roslyn (consuming Static and Sematic data)