Sunday 16 October 2016

Published "SecDevOps Risk Workflow" Book (v0.57)

I just published version v0.57 of the (previously called) Jira Risk Workflow book.

You can get the book (for free) at (when you become a reader you will get email alerts with every release)

As you probably noticed, there was a significant change in this release. The title of the book has been changed to 'SecDevOps Risk Workflow' (see here for the background story)

I hope you will agree that this change will represent better the direction of the book and the content I've been adding to it.

Also in this version is a new chapter called "AppSec memo from God" which contains quite a nice example of the kind of memo that should be sent by a member of the Board to the entire company (let me know what you think of that vision)

As you can see at the GitHub v0.56...v0.57 diff view, there were 18 changed files, 302 additions and 8 deletions made since the last version.

Please report any issues at