Sunday 23 October 2016

Hyperlink everything you do

Whether you are a developer or a security person, it is crucial that you link everything you do, to a location where somebody can just click on a link and hit it. Make sure whatever you do is hyperlinkable.

This means that what you create is scalable, and it can be shared and found easily. It forms part of a workflow that is just about impossible, if you don't hyperlink your material.

An email is a black box, a dump of data which is a wasted opportunity because once an email is sent, it is difficult to find the information again. Yes, it is still possible to create a mess when you start to link things, connect things, and generate all sorts of data, but you are playing a better game. You are on a path that makes it much easier in the medium term for somebody to come in, click on the link, and make sure it is improved. It is a much better model.

Let others to help you.

If you share something with a link, in the future somebody can proactively find it, connect to it and do something about it. That is how you scale. Once you send enough links out to people, they learn where to look for information.

Every time I write something that his more than a couple of paragraphs long I try to put in a link so that my future self, or somebody else in the future, will be able to find it and propagate that information without my active involvement.

Putting information in a public hyperlinked position encourages a culture of sharing. Making information available to a wider audience, either to the internet or internally in a company, sends the message that it is okay to share.

Sharing through hyperlinking is a powerful concept because when you send information to somebody directly it is very unlikely that you will note on each file whether it is okay to share.

But if you put data on a public, or on an internal easy-to-access system, then you send a message to other players that it is okay to share this information with others. Sending that link to other people has a huge impact on how that idea, or that concept, will propagate across the company and across your environment.

The thing to remember is that you are playing a long game. Your priority is not to get an immediate response, it is to change the pattern, stage the flows.

(from SecDevOps Risk Workflow book, please provide feedback as an GitHub issue)