Sunday 17 August 2014

WatiN in the O2Platform/FluentSharp projects and what is the status of WatiN developmet?

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Hi, as you can see at:

I've been using WatiN a LOT in the O2Platform and FluentSharp projects, where I created a large number of ExtensionMethods that make WatiN really easy to use (see

I used WatiN because It really worked much better than Selenium (specially because I was able to run it inside an embedded IE instance).

I would like to connect with the WatiN developers and see if it is possible to contribute some of these ideas and methods into the main WatiN Codebase.

One thing I noticed is that the development pace of WatiN seems to have slowed down. Can you point me to the current development plans and focus?

Thanks for creating such a great API, and let me know how to help