Sunday, 10 August 2014

Just used to publish a number of O2Platform/FluentSharp stand-alone exes

I just tried BinTray (see as a platform to host exe/binaries/release files, and I have to say that it was a great experience.

Ever since I added to the O2 Platform and FluentSharp the ability/feature to package O2/H2 scripts as stand-alone exes, I've been trying to find a nice place to host them (since there are dozens, if not hundreds, of mini-tools that I want to publish).

For a while I used DropBox, but not only that was not THAT practical, DropBox never gave me any stats. Even worse, DropBox started blocking the downloads (saying 'too much traffic on this account') but was not able to tell me which files were causing the problem!!

The good news is that seem to work perfectly for publishing these O2 Platform created tools.

To see this in action and download one or more of these tools, open

... and chose from one of the 7 'packages' available:

Each of these 7 packages (or areas), contain a number of stand alone exes that can be downloaded individually (and executed from the download location)

To kickstart this process, I uploaded the stand-alone exes that I already had on DropBox (created about 1 year ago, and not available any more due to DropBox blocking the downloads).

Before I add more/newer tools, I would like to document of how each of these tools works (ideally with a page on a GitHub site).

So, if you want to help, and would like to be more involved with the O2 Platform, helping with the mapping and documentation of these tools would be a great place to start :)

Btw, if when you run them, the exe fails to start, try copying the exe into another folder, and execute it from there (I think there are a couple of these exes which don't start when they are exposed to 'extracted embedded assemblies' from other stand-alone-exes)

If you find any issues or want to propose enhancements, please use  ( as you can see at there are many more scripts that can be published as stand-alone tools).

Let me know how these tools work for you