Tuesday 20 June 2017

(Owasp Summit 2017) Thanks for creating an amazing event, now we need to focus on the Outcomes :)

(email sent to all Summit Participants)

Hi Summit Participant, on behalf of the entire Summit organisation team and Owasp, I want to thank you for all the energy and hard-work you put at the Owasp Summit last week.

We received really good feedback, and we hope to see you all there next year for the Owasp Summit 2018, which will happen on 23-27 of April 2018  (same place, same team).

Now that you had a couple days to relax, it is really important that we make sure that we capture the outcomes created during the Summit.

Our technical writers (Ann-Marie and Robert) have started this process, but now we need you (Note that Ann-Marie (CCed) is available to help and can be contacted directly, so if you need help don't hesitate to email her).

The current plan is to:

1) lock the content of the 2017 Working Sessions, Participants and Schedule in pure html pages (if you want to make any final changes, now is the time)
2) finish the move all outcomes into a separate area (https://owaspsummit.org/Outcomes/)
3) fix/improve/finalise the outcome's content
4) create follow-up plan for active Working Sessions (namely who to share the outcomes with, and how to continue the ideas/work started)

For the Working Sessions that you were involved and attended, can you please take a look at it's page in https://owaspsummit.org/Outcomes/ and ensure that it is ok (if that page doesn't exist, then please create it)

We are going to use the GitHub flow, with outcomes changes submitted via Pull Requests (https://github.com/OWASP/owasp-summit-2017/pulls). Note that the technical editors will continue to improve the text/content, with significant changes made via Pull Request (which should be reviewed by the Working Session organisers/participants).

Thanks again for being the crazy one that believe you can change the world and for making the Summit such an amazing experience.

Dinis, Seba and Francois

Here are two nice photos of the Participants (taken on Friday)