Wednesday 7 June 2017

5 days to the Owasp Summit, it's time to sort out your personalised Summit schedule!

(email sent to all Summit Participants)

Hi Summit Participant :)

With 5 days to go, and with a new version of the Summit's site that supports a dynamic schedule mapping, it is time for you to take a really good look at the current Working Sessions schedule and make sure that you have at least 4 mapped to you per day.

If you go to full schedule page you will see the mapping of the 126 Working Sessions current scheduled to occur (see at the end of the Tracks page for the list of the 45 Working Sessions that are currently not scheduled).

You can also see this list by Track , by Room and in every track's page (see pic below for the OwaspSAMM track schedule)

There are lots of really amazing Working Sessions happening, and some Participants are already struggling to create a realistic schedule :)

What is really useful is that once you map an Working Session (or are invited to one), your personalised schedule will show that mapping (including special alert dialogs for cases when there are no mappings at a particular time slot, or there are multiple mapped Working Sessions occurring at the same time).

For example, here is Francois' personal schedule which shows a number of empty slots and conflicts:


One of the most powerful features of the new schedule is the ability to 'invite' other participants. This is a great way to increase the talent pool available to a Working Session you really care about, and will allow us to make sure that we don't have any major schedule conflicts.

Here is how it works.

On a working session, for example the GDPR and DPO AppSec implications 

There is an invited: field which can be edited in the Working Session page (in GitHub, or locally)

Once a participant is added to that list (and the Pull Request is merged), that invite will show on the Participant's page:

With schedule conflicts easy to spot:

The current plan is to have a solid logistic team at the Summit, but their ability to help you, is limited if you haven't mapped the Working Sessions you want to participate in.

Remember that we can still change some of sessions around (to a different day or time), but you need to let us know your preferences and schedule clashes.

Please take the time to create a list of Working Sessions that you really want to go to, and add those mappings to your Participant page (if you need help, don't hesitate to contact us)

Finally, please take a look at the amazing Summit Conference Guide design created by Lisa (who also created the main Site's design)

Thanks for your help, energy and time

Dinis, Seba and Francois