Friday, 12 February 2016

Published update to my Practical Eclipse book

You can get the latest version from for FREE by choosing the $0 minimum price.

Here is the email I send to my readers:

    Hi, thanks for being reader of my Practical Eclipse Plug-in development book. I just released a new version which contains a large number of content and images fixes (it has 294 pages).

    This version is very similar to the previous release, but I'm planning to make big changes in the next months.

    I really would like your feedback, so please don't hesitate to contact me at or directly at the GitHub repo that contains all content and current Issues:

    For reference, here is the updated table of contents:

      Leanpub book, originally based on Blog posts
      Change log:
    1. August 2013
      Programming Eclipse in Real-Time (using an ‘Groovy based’ Eclipse Plug-in)
    2. September 2013
      Opening up a native Chrome Browser window inside Eclipse (raw version)
      Injecting HP Fortify Eclipse Plug-in Views into HP’s WebInspect UI
    3. November 2013
      SI Open Sources the Eclipse Plugin-development toolkit that I developed for TeamMentor
      TeamMentor Plugin and Builder v1.5.6 (Source Code and Eclipse Update site)
    4. December 2013
      Installing Eclipse Plugin Builder, accessing Eclipse objects and adding a new Menu Item that opens website
      How to word-wrap a word without breaking it (when using bootstrap)
      Installing, compiling and failing to use DCE VM for Eclipse Plugin development
      Using JRebel to HotSwap new Static String fields in an Eclipse Plugin (without Eclipse restart)
      Adding and using new API methods, that are consumed by an Eclipse Plugin under development (without Eclipse restart)
      Groovy Script to create a view that shows the images available in the ISharedImages class
      Executing Eclipse Plugin JUnit tests in real-time without needing to restart Eclipse (with no mocking)
      XStream “Remote Code Execution” exploit on code from “Standard way to serialize and deserialize Objects with XStream” article
      How to create (using Eclipse) JavaDocs that looks good? (My current approach is not working)
    5. January 2014
      Updating the GitHub repos for the 1.6.0 release of the Eclipse Fortify Plugin
      Saga to sign an eclipse plugin with a code cert
      Fixing Coding Signing issue where Eclipse Plugin didn’t install in Indigo
      Eclipse Groovy script to remove the ‘busy’ image from the WebBrowser Editor
      Viewing Eclipse and SWT objects (Workbench, Display and Shell) using Groovy’s ObjectBrowser and using TeamMentor’s Plugin ObjectBrowser
    6. February 2014
      Creating an Eclipse UI to run AngularJS e2e tests using Karma
      Using Firebase to sync data with a webpage (via Javascript, REST and Firebase Admin panel)
      XSS considerations when developing with Firebase
      Eclipse Groovy REPL script to sync a Browser with file changes (with recursive folder search via   Java’s WatchService)
      Really SIMPLE and clean AngularJS + Firebase example
      Using AngularJS in Eclipse, Part 1) The Basics
    7. March 2014
      Programmatically changing an AngularJS scope variable and adding Firebug Lite to an AngularJs app
      Why doesn’t Eclipse community stand-up more to IntelliJ?