Monday 29 October 2012

Util - O2 Java Tools (IKVM Based) v1.0

For the Java users, here are a couple O2 Tools that expose GUIs to view java class files  and programatically analyze them.

These tools leverage the amazing IKVM project to parse the Java class files into C# classes.

You can download the exe from Util - O2 Java Tools - IKVM Based v1.0.exe (its 20Mb since it includes the latest version of IKVM)

When you start this exe, you will see this menu:

Which is a launcher for the following 4 tools (included as *.h2 scripts which will be compiled on first run):

Util - Java Methods CallTo and IsCalledBy Mappings.h2

Util - View Java Mappings.h2

Util - Jar or Class Browser.h2

Util - View Jar File Entries.h2

Included REPL Script environment

And as with most O2 tools, what is really powerful is the fact that these APIs and GUIs are all easily scripted using the provided REPL C# Script environment (via REPL menu):