Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Unit Tests to detect problems with site and content integrity

So with the public launch of TeamMentor Beta I now have a nice problem to solve:

"How to write UnitTests (Browser Automation and WS driven) that test for the valid state of the TM test websites ( and and ensure that they have not been spectacularly modified, modified or hacked :)"

Here is a list of what I would like to keep an eye on or do:

  • Is the website still up?
  • What about its response time?
  • Do the normal N user activities still work? (open page, view content, login, edit content)
  • Is there any malicious content on the TM websites? (namely on the changes recently changes)
  • Activity logs and detect malicious/weird activity?
  • How to automatically rebuild the server (maybe every day)?

All these should be written as UnitTest and executed on demand (or in a schedule). Sounds like a job for O2 :)

Humm, it looks like I really need to add AppSensor capabilities to TM, since that would allow some of these tests/activities to be detected in real time :)