Wednesday 2 November 2011

TeamMentor v3.0 Beta is out of the bag (try it or download it now)

UPDATE (Oct 2012): THIS POST IS OUT-OF-DATE .The latest version of TeamMentor to test is at: Test and Hack TeamMentor server with 3.2 RC5 code and SI library

Last night SI (Security Innovation) released the public beta of the product I have been working for the past 7 months. It is called TeamMentor (TM) and it is a web based tool to create and distribute security knowledge.

There are lots that I want to talk about this project (specially since O2 was used for its development and there is product is a great case study of the power of O2 when used as a developer-helping tool). Also, SI is more than happy for me to talk about the internals of TM, how it evolved and its architecture (which is a rare thing in product companies)

So to kick start this, here are the main links:
Here are the login details (note that the editor role change change all content, so try to be gentle with the version online :)  )
  • Administrator - admin/changeme 
  • Reader - Reader/changeme 
  • Editor - Editor/changeme 
  • Developer - Developer/changeme
If you download the TM code and want to run it locally, once you unzip it:
  • Launch the server but runing either the "Start NET35.bat" file or the "Start  NET4.bat" file ( use the one that works for you). 
    •  Give it a couple of seconds to load. An icon in the system tray should appear, indicating that the "Cassandra" server is running.
    • Please, note that the "Cassandra" server does not bind to external interfaces by default, so it will only be available on the local machine when started from the bundled scripts. 
  • Open the site. A web browser should open automatically on the main page. 
  • Login to the application with one of the pre-defined user accounts (listed above)
If you find bugs or security issues, please add them here: (this is beta so I expect you guys to find good stuff in there :) )

Let me know what you think of TM :)