Wednesday 13 July 2011

O2 Webcast: "Analysing a Spring MVC App (JPetStore) using the OWASP O2 Platform"

I just setup the following webcast at EventBrite: Analysing a Spring MVC App (JPetStore) using the OWASP O2 Platform

I've chosen two dates: tomorrow (Thursday) and Monday, at 4pm London Time.

Hopefully one of them will be convenient to you. 

Please register at so that I can send you more details about what is going to happen at the webcast.

Here is the event description:

This WebCast will present how to use the OWASP O2 Platform to analyse, automate and review the security analysis of an Spring MVC application.

The included-as-a-demo Spring MVC JPetStore application will be used as a case study.

For more details about the current level of O2 support for Spring MVC, and for background on what will be presented see the following blog posts:

Or see the following youtube videos:

Note: the webcast will be executed using the service

Please forward the details to your other Java/Spring contacts.