Friday, 1 July 2011

If you are looking for an WebAppSec job in Boston... are a couple cool positions from SecurityInnovation

Posted today (1st July 2011) in by Joe Basirico ...

Security Innovation's ( team of amazing hackers is hiring (Boston, MA).

I'm looking to hire a couple awesome security professionals for our Boston office.

We assess a wide range of really interesting technologies, from web apps to mobile to crypto. You have to have a true passion for security, most of the team does this on their off time and it's all we talk about.

If you dream in hex, clickjack for breakfast, exploit XSS, SQLi and CSRF for lunch, Buffer Overflows and Format String Vulns for Dinner and some AuthN/AuthZ hijacking for a midnight snack you're our kind of candidate.

You'll have time and budget to do research, go to and speak at conferences, and build tools that will change the internet (We helped develop Firesheep, if you remember that).

You can e-mail me directly: jbasirico at securityinnovation dot com for more information.

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